JWS provides clients construction owner’s representation services to our clients. JWS blends our experiences in real estate development, project management, and sustainability consulting to provide our clients with the most efficient, thoughtful, and clear service in the National Capital Region. JWS emphasizes sustainable design and construction principles and staffs each project with a LEED Accredited Professional. Working as an “Owner’s Representative”, JWS serves as the client’s facilities/real estate/construction department for the duration of the project.

Construction projects, at a basic level, are the management of risk. JWS strives to proactively investigate unknowns to build sustainable value from a project’s kick-off, to delivery, and through the life-cycle. Simply put – the client poses questions and goals to JWS; JWS searches for potential “alligators” and researches alternatives from diverse sources; then JWS presents a clear package of information to aid the client’s decision making process. JWS allows clients to remain focused on their core business enterprise.