- Consortium for Ocean Leadership – New Build-Out of interior expansion space: expedited schedule for additional space to add contracted staff to jumpstart a newly won federal contract. JWS acted as the owner’s representative and managed the contractor, vendors, and client’s project schedule and budget, with ultimate delivery of project 25% under budget and 33% ahead of schedule.

- Newton St Development LLC – Development and interior renovation of residential structure: development of vacant residential property, which includes solar panels and numerous eco-conscious amenities with an expedited schedule to finish and lease the space to maximize the developer’s cash-on-cash return. JWS acted as the owner’s representative and interfaced with the project team: architect, engineers, interior designer, contractors, vendors, and government agencies. InTowner Newspaper ArticleInTowner Publication with Pictures (p. 1 & 11)

- Frontier Strategy Group – Operations & Maintenance of server room: assessment of server room cooling capacity and recommendation for additional cooling capacity while focusing on minimizing cash flow, providing redundancy, and maintaining normal business operations.  JWS provided research, construction administration, and communication for the installation and implementation of the new HVAC system.

-Newton St Development LLC – Condominium development of a condemned structure into LEED/Energy Star rated building in an Historic District: Within one year after acquisition, Park Rd was transformed (from a burned out, water-damaged, dilapidated shell) into a four unit condominium building with restored original details and materials on the front façade, an interior layout and design that displays an historic spirit including natural light (won community and state design awards), LEED Certification Silver, Energy Star Certified, and follows Active Design guidelines to encourage good health and activity.

- Homeowner – Upgrade electric utility from a house to 2-family flat: Hired as a consultant to guide a homeowner through the electric meter upgrade for an investment property. JWS worked directly with the regional electric utility’s design, permitting, and construction departments to fast-track the replacement of an obsolete electric meter to a dual-metered system, with limited disruption to tenants living in the property and significantly reduced the responsibility of the homeowner while fast-tracking the installation.

- DC Property Owner & Developer – Cost-benefit analysis of condo development versus selling existing structure as-is: JWS advised the client on what the existing market would bear for an as-is property or a finished, boutique condo development in the near future.  Counsel included entitlement issues like condominium document creation and matter-of-right permit approvals along with order of magnitude budgeting, sales costs, and construction process schedule.

- Arcadia Center for Sustainable Agriculture Educational & Production Farm – Utility upgrades on a historic agriculture site: JWS was influential in brining site utilities to the landmark and creative education and “back-to-the-future” production farm on Woodlawn Plantation, which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1970 and designated a U.S. National Historic Landmark in 1998. The farm had begun cover cropping in the autumn of 2010 but had not yet developed the critical access to electrical and water systems. The principles of ingenuity and appreciation for historic attributes helped lead the team while breathing new life into an over two-hundred year old water-well that had lain dormant and dilapidated for centuries. The elegant water-solution, combined with effective yet elegant electric upgrades, acquiesced to the preservation needs of the Woodlawn Estate yet allowed the farm to flourish in the 2011 growing season.