To help our clients achieve business success by understanding their organization’s goals, operations, and needs. Then to apply this knowledge and mutual respect to allow our clients to focus on their core business while jWEST Solutions efficiently manages their project, and seeks opportunities to reduce the need for new resources and energy from the Earth.


jWEST Solutions (JWS) provides construction project management services and expertise to organizations that do not have a full-time, experienced construction/facility manager. Stemming from our strong belief that organizations must be financially sustainable before they can be environmentally sustainable, JWS taps into its network of environmentally conscious professionals and vendors to find eco-efficient techniques that can increase a company’s performance and reduce its carbon footprint.
JWS takes pride in feeling like an “employee” of each of our clients. This mindset puts the client’s goals paramount, provides JWS transparency, and facilitates accountability on the project team. JWS provides information in the most effective manner by understanding that project team members have different styles of communication and that crucial information is perceived differently from one team member to another.
Our business approach is based on our understanding of two things: (1) not every organization can afford a full-time, on staff, development/construction professional, and (2) operations administrators and managers currently have a busy work-week without adding a dynamic construction project under their management. Therefore, JWS’ primary clientele are small to mid-sized organizations that lease space and understand the value of an on-call construction process consultant that can be utilized for one day or one year depending on the scope of their new build-out, renovation in place, or operations and maintenance issue.